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Welcome to my corner of the Fire and Flow Arts Magazine.  I call this little world, “Innovation Corner”.  I will be posting videos and written articles about innovative props or styles that could reshape the way you play.  The play state has no boundaries and I am here to remind everyone to keep exploring!  The more possibilities that we create, the more we can involve new talents.

For the first article, I’d like to introduce myself.  I’m Ken Hill.  I live in Nebraska.  My flow story began as a music composer who flew to California to play a show for Cheb i Sabbah.  I experienced fire dancing for the first time and I was completely awe inspired.  Upon returning to Omaha, I was determined to create a strong flow community here.  Being a martial artist for half of my life, the nunchaku was my calling.


Although Youtube had good videos, I developed my own tricks from the beginning.  This is a blessing and curse of mine.  Throughout most of my childhood, I had struggled with learning in conventional ways.  I used to believe something was wrong and it wasn’t until my 20’s that I learned to appreciate the  unique way that I process things.  Now, it is a rule I use in all aspects of my life.  Like a puzzle piece, we can often overcome any challenge by adapting our strengths to harmonize with it.

My life revolves around fire, philosophy, music and being a dad.  There are many elements to my life story, but I can throw out some of my favorite moments:  I have performed fire on the main stage of Wakarusa, taught a week long retreat in Costa Rica, spearheaded a fire nunchaku revolution, created Ultimate Ninja (a flow arts video contest for ninjas with over $1000 in prizes), had my music licensed to a cable TV series on the Travel Network, featured in Circles of Light for three years, instructed at many fire festivals, published music for OM Times, wrote a very popular songwriting article series, father of an 11 year old ninjaboy and designed a new prop called the H-staff.

I believe that the longest lasting impression we can leave is something genuine and original.  This is why I love the idea of having “Innovation Corner”.  I’d love to unveil the possibilities of our art and remind everyone this thought:  Most boundaries can be overcome with a little creativity and finesse.  I’m excited to be on board.  Until next article…

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Ken Hill

Ken Hill is a lifelong fire dancer, musician and martial artist. He is considered an innovator in the art of freestyle nunchaku and runs a regular instructional video series, Nunchakutricks. He has instructed his art at various fire festivals in the US and travels with Quixotic to showcase his innovative style of fire spinning. at Nunchakutricks