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Wisdom exchange with Ken Hill

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Feature Photo: Ken Hill by Brian Price.

Ken Hill has not only been a pivotal part of this magazine, but has slowly risen to almost celebrity status because of his hard work and incredible dedication to the flow world.  A Costa Rican retreat, a brand new prop, a profitable Youtube channel, and perhaps the most well organized flow arts tutorial website we’ve seen, are just some of the things he’s been working on.  We discuss the importance of taking initiative, building on solid foundations, and reinterpreting your failures, in a community that’s all about playing around.  As Ken points out, it’s not about being a leader, it’s about being the one to instigate and share your wisdom.  I hope our laughs and tangents took nothing away from the meat of the matter.

Please enjoy the new video/audio format and excuse our appearance while we adjust to have a lovely backdrop and other niceties in upcoming Chats.  We hope this allows you to put on your headphones and listen at work, or watch the footage and feel like you’re there with us, where we want you.  Links, select quotes, and some of our favorite photos and videos of Ken are posted below. As always, please Like us and Share, and leave your comments and suggestions below.

MK: Are you excited about the Ninja Turtles movie?

KH: Oh yea!


Ken Hill:  If you want to start something, start it now!  There are a lot of people that have dreams but they don’t wanna put the work in, so it just stays in their head. I think they’re afraid of failure. I’ve made a ton of mistakes to get to where I feel like something’s actually established, so…be prepared to make a whole ton of mistakes and not to see it as such.  The failure in anything would be to give up from that.


Fire Arts Magazine team, minus Tyler Spades and Natan Wythe, from the left Elizabeth Knights, Ken Hill, Nick Garcia, Mariya K; Photo by Noel Yee

KH: The philosophy I follow is the philosophy of chaos.  You create a list , you create a pattern, you get ready, ‘this is how I want this to be done’, and then you just throw it into chaos and get ready to swim like crazy.

MK: And they say sink or swim.  Have you ever sunk?

KH: You sink when you give up and you sink when you cling too hard to your list… I feel like the ability to swim in chaos is gonna be your best asset.  At least it was my best asset – the ability to abandon what you think works and to go with whatever’s happening at that particular moment. I’ve done some really ridiculous things I don’t even wanna talk about on the air, but I didn’t sink from it – definitely caught a bunch of water in my lungs, but I came back to the top and kept going.

Ken Hill; Photo by Brian Price

Ken Hill; Photo by Brian Price

Nunchakutricks – Over 6 hours of free tutorials on nunchaku. Beginners can bring themselves to intermediate.

Flowtricks is the massive project aimed to weave flow arts techniques and props together into one cohesive movement. If you look at the website, you’ll see it’s set up to be huge. This Youtube video explains the Flowtricks mechanics in great detail ( ).

Soulwire is a musical project that began in 2004. I studied music since 1996 and studied it as my major in college. Since I became a fire performer, I’ve switched focus into writing music for fire/aerial performance. The idea is to create a live music show where all the musicians are also performers. The music has been published in “Departures”, a TV show on the Travel channel, OM times magazine, and Humanity Healing. Old website:

H-staff Group is the original organization of H-staff spinners!

Some recent H-staff and Quixotic action.

The Costa Rica retreat is a 1-2 week vacation in paradise with daily lessons in staff and nunchaku is a website I built to sell fire shows. If you look at it carefully, I’ve created many ways to attempt to sell shows through education and approaches.

Ultimate Ninja is an annual flow arts competition dedicated to ninjas. This year, it’s looking to start a little later in the winter.

Big thanks to Ken Hill!  Please browse the magazine to read his amazing work in Innovation Corner.  If you enjoyed this interview please Like it and Share with your friends.  Tell us what you thought of the new format below or on the Facebook group, and stay tuned for next month’s Flow Chat, coming to you with extra fancy.

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