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2014 Fire Breathing / Eating Spinspirations!

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Feature Image Andrey Das by Eric Dany

Firstly, let me say that in leu of many people sadly missing their opportunity to nominate their “Spinspiration”, I’d like to invite anyone who is only becoming aware of this nomination process now a chance to still honor those that gave them cause to spin, or spin better in 2014.  Please send your favorite Spinspiration of 2014 to so they can be featured in a follow up article. **To ensure I don’t miss your nomination, be sure to follow the outline below.

Please provide information as listed here:    1. Subject Field should say:   “*Prop Name* 2014”  2: Email body should say:  Spinner name  and 3. A video link featuring the spinner in action and/or their youtube channel, or website if the aforementioned are completely unavailable.


**  Please scroll to the bottom for more important notes about these nominations procedures, AND general contest and nomination info for FIRE Arts Magazine.

Fire Breathing

Andrey Das

Facebook: DAS – Cracheur de feu



Elliot “Eli” Pearsell

Fire Eating

Jay Becker

YouTube Channel: Becca N Jay Becker 


Adam Lobo

YouTube Channel:  Adam Lobo 



One of the things that makes the flow arts community beautiful is it’s dedication to being a judge free environment.  This principle should always be upheld, however, I strongly feel it does not exclude our right or desire to seek out mentors, teachers and inspirations or to become these.  May these individuals be ever-present and may our world never become the Kurt Vonnegut world of Harrison Bergeron of absolute, unconditional equality.  As we consider contests, nominations, praise and accolades, let’s do our best to hold skill level, dedication, practice time, willingness to teach and share knowledge above popularity, or lets equate these two terms, so that the ones held highest in the public eye are deserving and giving.  Above all, let’s not forget that it’s all in good fun and competitive human spirit that we uphold these names.  It’s always a little subjective and not always as ideal as we’d like to to be, but above all, these contests are games and they do not define anyone’s worth as a person – I’m sure there are other contests and nominations for that.  😉


I’d also like to personally acknowledge those who were not made aware of these nominations and did not get to honor those they look up to. It should be noted that many Spinspirations listed here are largely connected to our audience and more so, to an English speaking community of spinners.  This is in no way intended to be a dismissal of the talents of our overseas artists, and those who deserved to be on this list but were overlooked.  I did what I felt was my best to reach out to as many people outside of our magazine community as was reasonable, but I’m sure I could have done better.  Every year I review and adjust our approach based on your feedback and next year will certainly be no exception, as I consider all your comments to make this process much the better for Spinspirations of 2015.  Please see the top of the page if you’d still like to cast your 2014 Spinspiration.
Thank you!
Mariya K.


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Mariya K is the creator of Fire Arts Magazine as well as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator at the She is ultimately the Creative Director at Fire Arts Magazine