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Prop Ninja

All players start close together at the center of an imaginary circle with their props

When someone yells PROP NINJA everyone jumps back as far as they can into a pose and freezes

Taking turns, you make only one movement and step at a time

Your objective is to use your one moment to either “attack” – touch another person’s prop with yours, or “evade” – avoid having your prop touched

Smaller two-handed props require one hit each to get knocked out out and large single props like  hoops and staff require two

You can even sacrifice one of your two-handed props to tag another prop by throwing it!

When a players prop(s) is/are out, they must sit where they were last tagged and become an obstacle for the other players till the game ends

This game is played best with creative movements like tumbles, lunges and jumps (all accepted as one move)

The last person to have at least one of their props left wins!

This is very similar to Food Ninja


Foot Ninja

There is a variation called “Foot Ninja” where no props are needed but you have to tag someone’s feet and you have 3 STEPS to make your move, and if you can walk on your hands your step doesn’t count until you place a foot on the ground!)


fire arts magazine fire tag

Fire Tag / Fire Zombie

**Fire games are inherently dangerous.  Use caution, good judgment and play at own risk.


Players enter the burn field with fueled but unlit props of their choosing

When everyone is on field, one person with a lit prop of their choosing runs out

The “it” (lit) person tries to “tag” the unlit-prop players in the circle by trying to light their props


Everyone who gets “tagged”, now also tries to light the unlit players’ props

Or they can choose to “exit” the game and simply spin

The objective is to keep your props unlit the longest

The player who’s prop(s) is/are last to be lit is the winner!



You may notice that many attendees of a fire festival just happen to walk around equipped with clothespins.

The object of this game is clip it to someone’s clothing, hair or props with a clothespin without them noticing. 

Extra points are awarded when props are “clipped” in mid spin, and when one clip is clipped to another clip already affixed to a person.

It’s particularly impressive when a thrown pin attaches itself to a person’s clothing.

This can be done by clipping the mouth of one pin, to the tail of another open pin.  The first pin, squeezes the second pin open and, ideally, flies off on impact, allowing the second pin to clip onto its target.   

Get Down Mr. President

During this game one or more persons raise their index and middle finger to one of their ears (as if listening to an ear bud) and keep it there.  Anyone who notices a person in this position, must do the same.

The objective is to not be the last person to raise their hand to their ear.

The last person in the near vicinity to remain with their hand lowered will be tackled by a crown screaming “GET DOWN MR. PRESIDENT!”

**Be careful and use good judgement.  A crowd of people tackling a single person can be overwhelming and cause injury.  Try to avoid tackling people you don’t know, as they might have a medical condition.




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