Floasis in NYC: Unity Through Flow Spaces

Floasis in NYC: Unity Through Flow Spaces

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The Floasis in NYC is a name on a very small list of notable flow spaces in the US. These spaces make up a network of key home-bases for flow learners, flow teachers and flow-lebrities.  Aside from festivals, and interwebs these spaces are hubs responsible for the furthering of our skills and innovations. Notice, I did not say “spin jams” because these flow spaces are responsible for hosting many of those as well. Floasis is certainly the perfect example. Spin jams (many with live music) are just one set of events they host, amongst flow markets, classes, and lodging for passing members of our community, yours truly included.

Why is this important to understand? Because while based in NYC, the Floasis is a pivotal dot on the global network of our community and should be supported globally. This is why I’d love to see more contributions go to this space from the community at large.  Spaces like this are so unique and special, becoming a part of it is it’s own reward.  However, if you like to step outside your bubble chances are you’ll find yourself spinning on their hand assembled flow-floor, training in their mirrored studio and maybe even napping on the couch YOU helped improve, and that’s a nice bonus. Please contribute to the Floasis Kickstarter and read more about why this space deserves your support below.


About the Floasis by Lydia Darling

The Floasis was founded by three women in 2011. Connie wang of Iconartistry, Krisstina Hawks of Ninja Pyrates and Tara McManus of Third Earth Fireproof.

It began largely as an artist residency and studio for screen printing, prop making, sewing, jewelry making, and leatherwork. Many residents have been small business owners and artists, so the Floasis has always been a center for creative people in NYC!

Through Tara’s hosting of spin jams, flow markets, and variety shows, the Floasis started to become a community center for spinners in NYC.


From there it’s evolved to a space that connects not only the NYC flow and fire community, but also visiting flow artists. We’ve hosted visiting artists, teachers, and performers from the U.S. and other countries. Alien John, Charlie Cushing, Willow Sollow, Master Ong, Noel Yee and Brecken Rivara are just a few.

We’re also a unique community center because we mix a lot of different crowds. We have a mix of people who come from flow arts, fire, dance, martial arts, and circus backgrounds. We also have a huge mix of professional and hobbyist spinners come through. It’s a great place for people to meet professional, or see what new spinners are doing, to network, and to meet people outside of their normal circles.

The space itself has also seen tons of physical development! It went from a totally unfinished backyard to an outdoor venue space with a flame retardant stage and audience seating. The basement went from storage to band rehearsal space to dance studio!


We’re kickstarting now to help us finish some more major changes. We’re expanding to take over the space next door, relocating Tara’s (Third Earth Fireproof’s) workshop, putting in a gift shop, and building infrastructure so we can start hosting resident artists who want to visit NYC! We’re also going to put shatter resistant mirrors in the dance studio and improve the audience seating area.


We’re really excited about the gift shop! We’re already reaching out to prop makers and flow artists from around the country to potentially offer their products in our shop. This would allow artists who aren’t NYC based to still have a physical presence in the city, and allow people to feel and try out props before they buy them.



We’ve already done a lot of work on our projects! This year we’ve already installed the dance floor, raised the basement ceiling, become sponsored under a 501c3 umbrella, gotten membership with Materials for the Arts (an NYC organization that offers free materials to schools and non profit arts organizations) and negotiated taking over the lease next door.


We’re really focused on the Kickstarter and being able to finish off all of our projects this year.  Support it here http://kck.st/1f29WFu

Tara McManus
Artistic Director and CoFounder, the Floasis

Lydia Darling
Program Director, the Floasis

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