Flux Torches Jilly Bee & Adam Cruz

Flux Chat with Adam Cruz (Hopskotch)

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Featured Image by Melissa Bedamain.

Multi-prop in the full sense of the word.

There was  stopping point where [performers] had to take the time to transition between two different types of props. And it just got me thinking ‘how can I make something to work in the same kind of vein but on the fly?  To go between those props right in the middle of a performance.’


Photo by Melissa Badamain, Features Adam and Jilly Bee creating Flux Torches

It turns into that thing of “Oh my god, he just broke his staff!” or “Wait a minute, I thought I was watching something else.”


Double Staff


Staff & Nunchucks


Whatever you want it to be

I like to be able to make them and customize them in a way that speaks to the person who is interested.  Each one that I do has been a little bit different with the grip design, or the size, or the size of the wick.  I really like to talk to these people one on one.

Find Adam and his Flux Torches on Instagram: www.instagram.com/fluxtorch

Join the Flux Torch Facebook group for more Flux Torch updates and the whole story:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/fluxlife/

Check out Adam’s Youtube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbdxQ1vKaHWgCjLaxiDe8Xw

For more info or to place an order email: fluxtorches(at)gmail(dot)com

Special thanks to Adam Cruz (Hopskotch) for his valuable time, and for creating new toys for us.

Thanks to sweetheart Jilly Bee for helping Adam in his venture.

Thank you, photographer Melissa Badamain of Superhooper.org for all the photos featured in this article.  To see more of her work, click here: Mbadamain on Facebook.  


Photo by Melissa Badamain, Features Flux Torches

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