Off-Broadway Fire Theater and More with Chris Flambeaux

Off-Broadway Fire Theater and More with Chris Flambeaux

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If you come to the stage of “The Calling” on October 2nd or 3rd in NYC, you will probably be in awe.  It’s not every day we step into a scripted fire theater performance based solely around flame – both in concept and structure. If you look deep into the flames and you can see the forges of Scottland, New Orleans and New York City at work.  Chris Flambeaux’s craft has been shaped and moulded for over 30 years and rarely do you see what we’ve come to know as a “fire prop” on his 3-dimensional canvas.

 His branch of fire performance has been growing in it’s own direction, not guided by festivals and your typical fire troops, but that doesn’t mean he’s an outsider.  Quite the contrary.  His work with New York’s best fire performers and the NY Fire Department has not only made an amazing impact on those performers as individuals, but has at least partially shaped the rules of regulations of the city’s fire scene.  Good public fire performance standards and awareness by the authorities are becoming more commonplace all over the US, thanks to responsible initiators like Flambeaux.  If you live anywhere near the NY area, or have been thinking about a trip, now is the time!  Get your tickets here before they sell out:

New Orleans was beautiful, opulent sensuous and an explosion of art, but NYC was harsh and tough and crazy in those days. Everything was about survival. And I think both sides of that early education were perfect for me.  In both of those places I did fire, majorly pushing it to the hilt, between 1990 and 1994.


The Calling; Photo by Ro Mo


I started in the rubble in NY, pulling things out of the trash and rubble.  Pulling out old electrical wires, and making fire head peaces out of them.  Then I would jump on a freight train to New Orleans and turn them into Mardi Gras masks…By 1991 I was performing with my head pieces.


Chris Flambeaux in ‘Queen of the Night’; Photo by Ray Horhenstien

Once you’ve entered the trance of fire, the fire will tell you what to do with it.

A few of the burns I have on my body right now I consider part of the R&D of what I do.  I found out with this burn on my wrist that I can’t do that one thing.  That’s filed away now that, that should be about 3.2 seconds rather than 4.2.

The Calling Fire theater

The Calling; Photo by Ro Mo

 [The fire department] used to come and close down my shows while I left out the fire exit. That was how things were in the 90’s but after [the White Snake accident] I realized this is insane, I’m going to end up hurting someone.  So in 2003 I went to them and they were really receptive.  They were very good about guiding me…and even if it meant spending my entire pay check I was very good about making sure that they were paid to come and supervise my show.  Then I could build up my relationship with them.

The calling fire performance

The Calling; Photo by Ro Mo

If I drop a torch it’s gonna bounce…it’s not gonna fall down on this piece of a stage which is alright and it’s flame proof…no think about where it’s gonna bounce or roll to, think about cavities that haven’t been filled.  Think about any little problem that you have around you, start training your mind so you can make references to that during inspections.  They want to see your mind moving more and more in that direction.

If you get too wrapped up in your ego bad things will happen.  So you have to let go of your ego and understand that you’re a vessel.

THe calling fire theatrical performance

The Calling; Photo by Ro Mo

I want to be in such a place where people can reach out and see what the different possibilities are so it can become a lot less my epic.

Special thanks to Chris Flambeau and the amazing cast of the Calling.
Thanks as well to the incredible photographers that provide us with beautiful photographs from the show:
Ro Mo and Ray Horhenstien

Get more info and tickets here:

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For any serious questions contact Chris Flambeaux on Facebook, and in the future via his performance company, Flambeaux Fire.


More detailed info about The Calling:

Flambeaux Fire and Gratitude NYC Present The Calling 5 – Ritualistic Fire Theater Show and Party

Brooklyn, NY – September 1, 2015 Flambeaux Fire and Gratitude NYC bring you The Calling 5 – the final episode of the epic fire theater fairy tale, followed by Gratitude’s ritualistic party adventure.

The Calling is an immersive fire theater experience from the heart of underground Brooklyn, created and produced by Flambeaux, the renowned Scottish fire performer, shaman, and artist, and his team of fanatic fire worshippers. It harnesses the power of ritual, the appeal of pop, and the epic nature of the hero’s quest. You are being called to an alternate reality where fire does not burn and your dreams become a reality!

Since 2012, The Calling has been performed episodically in Brooklyn warehouses on the other side of the tracks. Like tongues of flame from banked embers, The Calling has emerged from circus tents, pagan rituals, squatter camps, rock shows, fetish clubs, and ecstatic festivals. Now it reaches its conclusion with the finale episode, The Calling 5: Casara and Flambeaux have long fought for unification between the tribes in the world of fire. Civil war is erupting, just as a harmonic convergence with the flames is within reach.

Join us for the climax of their journey and for the epic party that follows…Flambeaux Fire is a fire performance entertainment company that specializes in theatrical and artistic fire shows. Their style is one of a kind with its own handcrafted props and original and breathtaking shows. They have been based in New York City for nearly 20 years, bringing fire art to nightclubs, galas, theaters, and stages of all kinds.

The Calling will be showing for two nights: Friday October 2nd, and Saturday October 3rd.


The Calling V’s Cast of Amazing Characters


An impossibly ancient Shaman, who saw the birth of fire on Earth and took that fire for his own. He found followers – those who, like him, loved the fire and showed no fear. He brought them to a new Paradise on a world where fire cannot burn them. There he crowned a king, Ravenbane, to rule over his Fire People, but Ravenbane grew greedy, cold, and cruel. Now Flambeaux wanders the deserts with the remainder of his people, the last of the believers. He has tried everything to get the disparate factions to reunify, and now Casara is his only chance to restore his world to its original glory.


She was a witch, struggling to express herself in the land called Brooklyn back on earth where we all the Fire People came from. Sometimes she even had to hide. But her spell reached another world – a world in trouble, and they came one night through the flame of her candle, and took her to save The Fire World where a Calling raged in hearts of flame.
Her journey ends HERE! Can Casara hold back the gates of destruction even as she grows weak from losing her own magical heart?


King Ravenbane

Ravenbane was a true believer who came with Flambeaux from the Old World. He was a leader of the people who valued justice and freedom. The Shaman crowned him king, but fire can consume – Ravenbane grew cruel and his rule became pure tyranny. His court, the Darkworld, became a feared carnival of debauchery and horror, populated by his Heartless Minions. Then, Casara made a sacrifice – she gave up her heart to the Trinity to return his. Now he his task is to restore the kingdom he broke. He faces his own mercenary army who turned on him and seek to take the throne for themselves.



Casara is not the first attempt Flambeaux has made to find his heroine. He brought a high priestess from an Egyptian fire cult over many years ago. She was powerful but insecure, too lost in the adoration of her followers to care for her own heart. When, at a critical battle in a canyon pass, Ravenbane challenged her, and her alone, she faltered and failed. He set a gate at the pass, a magic gate which only the true savior can pass through. Abandoned by her followers, the Oracle has ever since remained before this gate, clawing at herself, driven mad by her defeat.


Fire Fairy

Half-sister to the Tall Queen, she was cast out from her family, who named her Runt and sold her as a slave. She knows destitution and denigration are not her destiny. In her dreams, she can fly. Her father came from the mysterious forest where the fairies live – and maybe that’s where the slave called Runt will find her kind. Will she finally earn her chance to fly?



The Unicorn, wise and impartial, has no place in the politics of the Fire World. At the first sign of war, she retreated, isolating herself in steamy diamond forests. For a long time, it seemed as if the knowledge of the Unicorn and her fairies was lost to the Fire People forever. But there are those who would make the journey into the forest to seek her. Time is running out, and fairy magic is needed!



A young member of the Fire Tribe, a true believer. She will follow Flambeaux wherever he goes. When he brings Casara back with him from the Old World, Vixen is fiercely devoted to her. She was kidnapped by the mercenaries who stole her heart and turned her dark. But now that King Ravenbane has begun to renew the kingdom she sees hope for herself. Can she redeem her honor and avenge the cruelty she was shown?


JJ the Mercenary

Not everyone was worse off when King Ravenbane turned to darkness. JJ the Mercenary saw it as an opportunity where his skills could be of use. He and his band of soldiers are out for themselves. They never saw the use of harmony and freedom and their talents for pillaging and brutality are available to the highest bidder. They exacted Ravenbane’s taxes – slaves stolen from the tribes and nomads that used to be loyal citizens.


Once a simple wood-nymph from the Unicorn’s forest, this poor victim was captured by the Mercenaries of Darkworld and slowly ‘turned’ into the hellian she became. The first-in and last-out of any fight, her once innocent charm has become the viciousness of a weapon as she rides into battle on the back of Jimmy Joe the Mercenary’s bike, but deep inside, lurks the heart of one who wants to heal what is broken. Now, in C5, the Vixen returns to the fold from which she was taken, but finds she cannot be innocent any more



The Trinity goddess is the mother of the Fire World. Long before Flambeaux brought his people there, she burned alone, eternal. And then she stole King Ravenbane’s heart. She needed it to fuel herself – because the Fire World is dying.  Casara came to Her, pleaded for Ravenbane. And the Trinity agreed to take Casara’s heart in exchange for the King’s. But the fact remains that Trinity cannot sustain Her world anymore. Where will the Fire People go when She burns out?

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