A Record Breaker's Fire Show In Jersey

A Record Breaker’s Fire Show In Jersey

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Feature Photo of Nikki Talis, by Eric Michael Tollefson 

Fire shows are taking on a whole new meaning these days.  Legitimate indoor fire shows, like Hearts of Fire by Flambeaux Fire and Gratitude, are only starting to break ground, but venues with an open fire license (such as welding shops) have been the little known go-to until better regulations take hold in more areas.


Alex Spitfire; Photo by Dakota House

One such show is being organized by Circo Draconum, a troop led by Nikki Talis and record breaking fire eater, Alex Spitfire.  They were named New York’s Hottest Sideshow Couple by Vocativ.com and they’re putting on a very special show in New Jersey.  We hear so little about what’s going on in the garden state that it’s a special pleasure to tell you about this event (especially since partial profits get donated to an animal rescue), and a little about Alex and his record in his own words.

I had been been performing for 3 years when I broke the record, but have been a pyromaniac since I was a toddler. When I learned fire eating, I quickly picked up on teeth holds (holding a lit torch with your teeth) and have been adding sustained teeth holds to all of my acts in one way or another. Over time I would hold them for longer periods of time, I attempted the record before in 2014 and failed as the torch went out before the record could be broken. I tried 4 times that day (totaling in over 3 mins. The record at the time was 2 mins and 1 sec by Carissa Hendrix from Canada).

I made sure to have a fresh torch with more Kevlar the second time around and successfully broke the record by lasting 3 mins and 40 seconds, on August 29, 2015. Both attempts left my mouth pretty swollen and have receded my gum line, and this was after suffering 3rd degree burns and a skin graft on my left arm from a non performance related incident in 2013. I still have the hospital bracelet which I hold in as much regard as my world record certificates. The record break was made official by Guinness and Record Holder’s Republic.

Alex’s official record title in Guinness is “Longest Duration Fire Torch Teething”and here’s the link to his Record Holders Republic page: Alex’s record page.

See Alex and the Circo Draconium troop on January 30th in Newark, NJ.  Scroll down for all the firey details:

Circo Draconum 10

Poster by Alex Spitfire

Draco’s Inferno returns to Hell’s Kitchen Lounge for another night of fiery mayhem!
Last time, a world record was officially broken live before the very eyes of those who attended. Come witness another night of the spectacle that is Circo Draconum’s all fire show!

January 30th
Starts at 10PM

At Hell’s Kitchen Lounge

150 Lafayette St, Newark, NJ

With special performances by:
World Record Holder, Alexander Spitfire
The beauty and wonder that is, Nikki Talis
The amazing, Stefan Zenuik and his saxophone that can light a fire under your ass, literally!!
The brilliant and seductive, Joey Bones


Joey Bones, Photo by Dana Danger

Dj dynamic duo, Brick City Bruisers will keep you on your feet when we’re not keeping you on the edge of your seat!

21 and over, no cover so drink, drink, drink! And tip generously!

Donations made to Sasha’s Mission Animal Rescue an organization that devotes their all to helping our fury ones find the perfect home they can live happy lives in.

Hosted at Hell’s Kitchen Lounge, the go-to spot in the Newark area. Amazing and friendly staff, awesome drinks and home to everyone’s favorite party host, Dave Menace!

Circo Draconum is a sideshow variety show from the minds of Alexander Spitfire and Nikki Talis that works for a purpose. We believe in environmental and wildlife conservation and want to do what we can to help including donating a portion of the proceeds from our shows.

Contact us for more information: CircoDraconum@aol.com

Photo of Niki talis and Alex Spitfire by Eric Michael Tollefson

Photo of Niki talis and Alex Spitfire by Eric Michael Tollefson

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