Hearts of Fire: Epic Night of Flames

Hearts of Fire: Epic Night of Flames

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Feature Image by Ro Mo

An incredible, face-to-face introduction to the setting of the Calling, Hearts of Fire is the hottest piece yet in this one of a kind fire saga.  Fire enthusiast and professional, Chris Flambeaux of Flambeaux Fire, brought the fire community of New York together to redefine our idea of fire performance with the Calling, one of the first shows build entirely around fire performance and fire apparatus to hit a theatrical stage in front a varied audience.  Now we go back to see how the stage for this epic story was set, when the fire world still touched our own. The story of this universe is virtually endless, and 7 hours may seem like a long event, but is it long enough? With Gratutide heading production, I’m not so sure.  As a former NY fire performer, I can tell you it is an amazing production company that really knows it’s way around the flame.  How about I just let Flambeaux entice you with his own words.

Hearts of Fire is our 7 hour event where you get to step into the Fire World long before the trouble started that is the story of The Calling. Back then, fire united us. We were free and enjoyed life and each other to the hilt. We celebrated and gave thanks to the gods who guided us here in so many different fire rituals. It was a paradise in the flames.

We go back to there on Jan 15th at House of Yes in Brooklyn. DJ’s, fire art installations, the best fire performance theater pieces, campfires, fire trickery and celebration on a massive scale.

The first immersive fire show meets the first fire-legal venue in New York! And it’s produced by Gratitude.

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