Leviathan Poi Retreat 2016

Leviathan Poi Retreat 2016 (and discount)

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Writing about the Leviathan Poi Retreat 2016 has been an exercise in restraint.  Wait…was I writing about Leviathan, or reaching for my wallet to reserve my spot?  The lines blur when you’re intoxicated by visions of a Pacific North West rain forest, mountains, a sauna, yoga, delicious and organic meals, and spinning with a poi legend who helped start the journey for so many of us (me certainly).

Who is he?

Nick Woolsey Spinning at the Leviathan Poi Retreat

Nick Woolsey

Nick Woolsey is a household name to many of us.  He has taught poi to thousands of people in over a dozen countries.  His YouTube channel, Playpoi, has over 53,000 subscribers and the videos have pulled in 13 million+ views.  Indeed, Nick has been paving the way for the poi and overall flow community in his own way for many, many years, but across the distance and national borders (he is a Canadian) we sometimes lose track of exactly what amazing things he’s been hatching.  The full digest is coming for you Fire Mag readers, but first and foremost let’s focus on the fast approaching and uber alluring Leviathan Poi Retreat 2016.  Spoiler: it’s about much more than just poi.

During Leviathan, he’ll also be joined by stars of Vesta Fire Entertainment, Kat and Katrina.

What is it?

The Leviathan Poi Retreat 2016 is a one to two week (you can choose your week and duration) immersive poi and yoga retreat that is approaching fast.  June 4th marks the beginning of the first week, but if that’s a little too short notice, there is no prerequisite for coming to the second week only.  You can simply register for June 4-11,  June 11th – 18th, or both!  Just keep in mind,  that only a few available spots remain out of the original 20 per week.  Register your spot with a deposit by clicking here (be sure to double check travel requirements if you live outside of Canada before registering).

Your reservation gets you:

  • -Access to three highly experienced flow instructors
  • -Hours of workshops every day (advanced poi concepts, choreography and much more)
  • -Private one-on-one feedback
  • -Organic Meals
  • -Full use of a beautiful dance studio
  • -Sauna access
  • -Pond access
  • -An evening of fire spinning on the beach
  • -Fire spinning (or just spinning) on a mountain top with beautiful views of the Gulf Islands
  • -A co-produced talent show
  • -Unexpected fun, adventure, silliness and friends!


Not to mention that now in it’s third year of operation, Leviathan Poi Retreat has had time for improvements through experience and experimentation.  Among this year’s improvements is a better sound system than ever before.

You can find more info on the Playpoi page, or Facebook event. 

Where is it?

Nick Woolsey at Leviathan Poi Retreat 2016

Nick Woolsey spinning in the Leviathan studio; Photo by Rory Savatgy

This amazing event takes place BC, Canada at the Leviathan Studio. This amazing place is a visionary dance studio in a forest on a remote, off-grid island several hours journey from Vancouver. The property consists of a huge dance studio with sprung wood floors and 40 foot ceilings. Things are rustic and raw at Leviathan. There is a sauna and a pond, plus a couple of showers and outhouses.

I wanna go!

Without discount, tickets are normally $85o CAD for one week and $1500CAD for both but Fire Mag readers get a special $50 discount. Woohoo!  Say “Thank you, Nick Woolsey!”

That means your ticket price is $800 ($620 US) for one week, or $1400CAD ($1081 USD) for both.  I can think of few better options for any flow artist looking to get away and use their vacation days right.

**If you are a US reader, or hail from any country outside of Canada, do not forget to check *recent* travel requirements for entering Canada and getting back into your country. They have been recently updated for the US and possibly other nations.

Once you’ve done that, simply go to this Eventbrite page to put in a partial deposit and Nick will be in touch about the remainder of the payment.

If you’re still on the fence just check out this video, taken in the beautiful Leviathan studio:


To those attending, bear in mind a few other pointers. Bring a headlamp, flip-flops for around the studio and rugged footwear for proper hiking in nature.

Please share the event with anyone who wouldn’t want to miss it!

Burn bright, Fire readers!

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