Fire Arts Magazine; FLow chat interview with Ryan Howard Trypp

Flow Chat with Ryan Howard Trypp: Flow to Recovery

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There are few flow enthusiasts that can’t attest to the fact that flow practice can dramatically change your life for the better.  Depression, bad company, and terrible home situations are just some of the major ills I’ve seen cured just by spinning a prop, something that seems so trivial.

Ryan Howard Trypp was told he would never regain full mobility in his arms after a devastating army accident (and he was one of the luckier troops).  That part is true.  He will most likely experience limitations for the rest of his life.  However, seeing him spin today while knowing that just a few years ago he could barely lift his arms from his sides and had little hope of ever doing more, is amazing!  In this interview, you can clearly see how far he’s come and hear how gentle, and scaleable poi practice did what demanding military rehabilitation could only do in theory.

Watch the 20 minute footage and an incredible video of Ryan spinning below it.

If you love this topic, check out one of our very first articles: Healing and Flow.  It’s told by a flow artist named Tyler, who battled a degenerative nerve disease and attributes his significant progress to hooping:  Healing and Flow .

You can do it.  Don’t. Tell Yourself. You can’t.

Please read Ryan’s epic post in Poi chat, and watch his progress video here:

Poi Chat Post and Video of Ryan Spinning Poi

Big thanks to Ryan and anyone willing to come out and share their story for the inspiration, and/or safety of others.

If you have a story to share like this one, whether or not you feel comfortable getting on video, please email and we’ll find a way to share that fits within your comfort level.

Keep flowing, keep sharing, flowmies!

Mariya K.

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