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These are the people that believed in us and lit our fire.  If it wasn’t for them, we may never have created this, and that makes them a part of F.I.R.E.’s foundation forever…whether they like it or not. 😉

Heaji Oh

Natan Wythe

Tara McManus

Gianni Motisi

Shawn Mac

Anthony Sanicola

Isa GlitterGirl


Amy Wieliczka

Jay Becker

Michael Mucciolo

Douglas Taphouse

Krisstina Hawks

Derrick Sanskrit

Christine Walsh

Mike Skelly

Tia Burnswell

Warren Walsh

D.J. Carmen

Darren Witthar

Andrii Rykun

Kip Silverman

Nelson Donsky

David Key

Shawn Sisti

Shadow Myst


Phoenix Drako Aguilar

Ky Lee

Mandy Leonardo

Adam Eig

Matt Diamondstone

Tyler Pearce

Jordana Frankel

Lisa Elkins

Robert Powers

Icon Artistry

Snookiez Inc

Bobby Taylor

Alison Dittko

Thomas Donato
Isaac James Granberry
Anthony tiger Gerena
Anna Litovskaya
Amaya Evers
Evan Davis



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Mariya K is the creator of Fire Arts Magazine as well as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator at the gooddesigner.net. She is ultimately the Creative Director at Fire Arts Magazine