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F.I.R.E. is constantly searching for inspiration meats.
If you’ve got a story to share, we’ve got your venue.  Please keep in mind that F.I.R.E. is strongly image driven.  We love eye candy!  Does your story come with beautiful graphics or photos?  Great!  Do you have photos with no story?  That’s cool too!  Story with no pictures? If you can dig up something appropriate and royalty free, we can make it work.
*All photographs and images must be provided along with written permission from the photographer/artist before we can use them*


1.  Submit a sample of your writing to mk@fireartsmagazine.com.
2.  Provide the article concept.  What do you want to write about?
3.  If the article is ready to go, send that and ignore steps 1 and 2.
2.  Confirm that your article has supporting imagery.
3.  Confirm that you can provide permissions for all the supporting imagery.
4.  Provide the name you’d like to be credited i.e. “Written by —-“.
5.  If desired, please provide an author photo where your face is clearly visible.

*Do you have a tip you want to share but don’t want to write a full article? Don’t hold back, share it with us at the email address above, and if it truly benefits the community, we’ll find a way to get it out there*


1. Submit the video or video concept to videos@fireartsmagazine.com.
2. Confirm that you can provide permission to use from the videographer.
3. Provide the name(s) you’d like to credit as the subject and the videographer i.e. “Jane “Pyro” Doe; Photo taken by —-”.
4.  If desired please provide an author photo where your face is clearly visible.


1. Submit the photos or photo concept(s) to photos@fireartsmagazine.com or art@fireartsmagazine.com.
2. Confirm that you can provide photographer’s permission to use.
3. Provide the name you’d like to credit as the subject and the photographer i.e. “Jane “Pyro” Doe; Photo taken by —- “ 4.  If desired please provide an author photo where your face is clearly visible.


Do you have a skill or resource that you think will improve F.I.R.E. and its usability?  Web development, graphics, photography, videography and video editing, even audio and event coordination? Do you want to share something with your spinning family, like a great mix to spin to, a beautiful drawing, a fire prop comic, etc?

Let us know, because every little bit helps, at volunteers@fireartsmagazine.com

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Mariya K is the creator of Fire Arts Magazine as well as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator at the gooddesigner.net. She is ultimately the Creative Director at Fire Arts Magazine

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  1. Avi Chertok
    Avi Chertok / 2-10-2014 / ·

    Hey there! I’m a fellow spinner from Chicago and saw your post on the contact staff forum and decided to check out your website. This website looks like it has some great content and a lot of potential for more exciting things going on in the flow community. I was just wondering if you would like some updates on what’s happening in Chicago with the flow arts. Right now we’ve started a weekly flow jam with workshops facebook.com/groups/sundayflowjam, hosting the Flow Show in late March, have had a monthly Full Moon Fire Jam since 2004 and reaches well over 1000 spectators every month http://www.fullmoonjam.org, and we are currently planning the first installment of a seasonal “flow show” that is centered around flow performances but will also include a mix of workshops, live/dj music, artists, and vendors. In the near future, we will be looking for participants in these seasonal events and reaching out for applicants in the upcoming month for performers and instructors. If you would like to know more about any of these events for yourself, your website or get connected to your flow community in Chicago, we would love to talk more!

  2. josh firechili
    josh firechili / 12-3-2015 / ·

    hey i just found this and take part in /on zhis here. i read the article of the german phönix fire con.- very nice you get this contact. i am a german fire spinner, / professional performer i am 42..i play since 1999- professional since 2005. it developped a lot here in germany and europe. and i know this times before in the beginng of the millenium ,when convent. like a phönix one were just a dreams,,there was nothing to meet in germany !!.just some spinners now they happen..the con. and thousands of spinners here..and connextion like now to your magazine ! fantastic!! thanks a lot 🙂 josh http://www.firechili.com

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